Thursday, May 8, 2008

Keeping the Deities' Wigs Nice

If you've undressed the deities, put Them to sleep, or woken Them up in the morning, you may have noticed that Their wigs (especially the wigs for the little deities) often have large amounts of blu-tac on the front, where crowns are often attached. Sometimes there is as much blu-tac as there is hair!

Not only is this very ugly, but it ruins the wigs. (Wigs are expensive!) It is also unnecessary. Blu-tac must be used to attach the crown and keep it secure. But don't put the blu-tac on the hair in the front of the wig. The deities have a "top-knot" on the tops of Their heads, and this is the place where the blu-tac goes. Not on the wig!

After the excess blu-tac was removed (it took some time!), here's how the blu-tac should be placed on the top-knot:

Do you notice that the spot where the blob used to be is still noticeable? It's very difficult to completely remove it. But this photo shows that you can put the blu-tac on the top-knot.

Please help us keep the Deities' wigs looking nice. Remember that Their paraphernalia is an expansion of Lord Balarama. So let's take care of Them in a nice way.

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Susan said...

Bluetack can be completely removed with a lot of effort and GooGone. Remove most of it, as you have, then rub it with Googone until it dissolves. Then wash it with soap and cool water.
It used to be possible for the Deities to wear crowns without bluetak. The crowns just need to fit properly. I think Chota Radharani's crowns need some work.
If anyone wants to sponsor new wigs, it will cost at least $300 because we have to have them special made in China.
your servant,
Syamapriya dd