Thursday, May 15, 2008

Minutes from Deity Committee Meeting, May 12, 2008

Attending: Gandarvika, Indradyumna, Kesava, Nitai, Hari Puja, Kirtiraja, Chaturatma
ITEM: The standards list needs a review before posting. Chaturatma will send it out to all members. Kiritraja will contact Rama again and clarify what he has and does not have.
ITEM: A general pujari meeting will take place on Thursday May 29th.
ITEM: Chaturatma will resend the Prabhupada standards to all members.
ITEM: The idea for a Nitya Seva account for the deities is already in place, but it has no bank account connected with it.
ITEM: Regarding the alarm system, it has gone off twice and Kesava will pursue the company checking into it as to why.
ITEM: Concern was expressed over the high visibility of the new silver arati tray. It will be relocated to the same covered cabinets the plates are in.
ITEM: Concern was raised about changes to the offering of the sitari to guests on Sunday after the arati. There is no change planned.
ITEM: Flower budget for the Nrsimha festival is placed at $250.00
ITEM: Questions were raised about the installation of Krsna Balarama. Issues included:
-Where would money come from for even minimal renovations
-The idea of putting up sheds instead of building additions
-Impact of not installing Them on outfits being made
-Making plans to install ASAP
-Changing this committee's long standing position on “no installation until kitchen and pujari rooms are renovated”
ITEM: To explore these options a sub committee will meet and see what evolves. All members of the committee were agreeable to this action with one exception, that being Chaturatma.

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