Wednesday, June 25, 2008

How to Pin a Beaded Belt

Many of the Deities' beautiful beaded belts, necklaces, and anklets have been made by Govinda Mohini dasi. She spends many hours designing and creating these beautiful pieces for the pleasure of Their Lordships. Right now she is working on pieces to coordinate with the outfit for Janmastami.

However it's come to Nitai's attention that some pujaris are pinning these pieces in a way that can weaken and break the threads used to string the beads. Ideally, the way to attach these belts and necklaces is by using pipe cleaners fastened to the ends of the piece. They can also be pinned. But please DO NOT stick a pin through the hole of one of the beads to attach to the cloth. This method wears out the threads holding the beads together, and risks having the piece fall apart. (It's very difficult to repair them.)

This photo detail shows the correct way to pin a belt to cloth.

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